CEO Today - September 2023 Edition

By Monte Maritz, Partner at Oliver Wight, and Gavin Fallon, General Manager – Northern Europe at Board Business leaders must prioritise creating a proactive, dynamic organisational culture capable of quick response and adaptation over a ‘perfect’ plan. Hands up: which business leader can honestly say they have returned to work after the summer break feeling refreshed, inspired, and optimistic about the next year and beyond? Or has the time away fuelled the flames of worry for leaders feeling the heat in an uncertain, evolving business landscape? Undoubtedly, there are multiple challenges to consider for those at the helm of organisations. Last year, the world lurched from one crisis to the next, with the coronavirus pandemic quickly followed by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This war further damaged supply chains and triggered an energy crisis and surging inflation across the continent. Little wonder Adam Tooze, an economic historian at Columbia University, popularised the term “polycrisis” in 2022. TRUST THE PROCESS Business leaders require courage to implement Integrated Business Planning – it’ll be worth it in the long term

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