CEO Today - September 2023 Edition

To embed digital change effectively, every end user in the organisation needs to understand how to use the technology introduced and the benefits it will bring. No two situations are identical, and CEOs should be aware of any factors that are unique to their people or organisation which could impact adoption and the change journey. Training is a must but should be delivered via incremental, bite-sized modules where possible. This will not only encourage workers to engage with learning by reinforcing retention rates but provide consistent productivity if all users are able to successfully learn how to use the new technology at the same speed, and in the same way. Cramming training into a few, larger sessions only risks a smaller percentage of the workforce achieving adoption. In the context of digital transformations, changing the organisation is often the smarter choice rather than moulding the technology to suit the workforce. CEOs should aim to challenge how new technologies are being utilised and encourage workers to apply their training for best practice. Analysing engagement with the technology will help this effort but should not be used negatively against employees. Instead, CEOs should be sensitive and communicate directly with the workforce to establish any barriers to adoption, and how best to overcome them. Adoption The Power of

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