CEO Today - September 2023 Edition

The introduction and adoption of new technology can help to boost productivity. However, for this to be achievable, CEOs need to ensure the correct due diligence is taken to support the new measures and embed strategic changes successfully. Cultivating an honest and open culture that listens to and looks after the organisation’s people is vital. Pressure from senior leadership to be productive has been shown to have a detrimental effect upon workers; one survey conducted by Slack found that 63 per cent of workers make an effort to keep their online status as active and more than half feel pressure to respond to messages quickly, even when they are sent outside of hours. For the most fruitful outcome, CEOs need to remain open-minded and ensure all opinions are listened to throughout the change. This includes challenging organisational hierarchies and putting the client, then workforce, first. Outlining the hard purpose of the organisation is an essential action as it will provide a stable foundation for employees to work from. In turn, this will help to encourage productivity by making the work more fulfilling and helping employees to understand the improvements new technologies will provide for their workflows, and the customer base as a result. Culture is Crucial

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